kaigner holdings pty(ltd)

Company profile:
Kaigner Holdings is a company ready to supply the demand of rolling papers in the Eastern Free State,we noticed the gap in these areas as its termed rural.The demand is high and supply is tto low and we have been looking at this avenue and have found it to be viable. As a company we are ready to supply these areas as no one has given them much thought


Company type(s):
Agent, Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader

Products / Services:
Tobacco Products: Rolling Tobacco, Smoking Paper, Tobacco Products
Bakery Products: Bakery Products
Logistic Products: Logistic Products
Medical Devices: Medical Devices
Packaging Machines: Packaging Machines
Packagings: Packagings
Publishing Services: Publishing Services
Trainings: Trainings
Food: Bakery Products, Food
Medical Products: Medical Devices, Medical Products
Pharmaceutical Products: Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical Products


Export world part:


Number of branches:


Year of establishment:

Turn over:

< $ 1,000,000